Are you new here?
Let me get you all caught up:

I'm Jacqueline!
He's Sean.

And this is our daughter Ruby and fur baby Bubu:
We've been together for nearly 14 years (ever since we were teenagers!), and we are from the Pacific Northwest-- the Puget Sound area of Washington State to be more specific. We moved to Taiwan in 2012 for a great adventure (and to work at an international school-- I teach middle & high school humanities and he teaches fourth grade), and what an adventure it has been!

Boy & Girl Globetrot, this blog, is one of my many hobbies. 

Sometimes, I write about our wonky expatriate lives. I find living in Taiwan gives me a lot of amusing stories to share.

Other times, I write about our adventures overseas. We travel often-ish, and we usually have one or two bloopers along the way.

Lots of times, I write about scoot adventures. We own two scooters and have way too much fun exploring Taiwan on them! My friends back home tease me endlessly for coining the term "scoot" as a verb and "scoot adventure" as a noun. What can I say? I really, really love those scooters and scooter trips!

Other times, I post just to share some photos. I have a serious crush on my Canon and Polaroid. 

Sometimes, I post a lot because I cannot help myself; my brain is very busy and creative and wordy. Sometimes, though, being a full time wife and mother and teacher and runner and reader and Gilmore Girls fanatic means that weeks go by with nothing here.

Don't worry.
I am probably still alive.

I'm most likely cooking dinner or jogging around the lake or hanging out with my husband and baby and dog or teaching a bunch of 13-year-olds how to talk like the Greasers from The Outsiders or drinking a really big cup of coffee or scooting through the mountains of Taiwan or reading a good book or watching a movie while chowing down on popcorn sprawled out on our five person couch.

You can definitely expect to hear from me often though as we can't leave our scooters sitting too long before taking them out on another adventure! 



  1. Terrific to find your blog! Yay for Pacific Northwesterners with wanderlust. I'll be subscribing to over on Feedly :)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog, it's great to come across yours! Good luck with the running :-)

  3. I love that first photo!! The colors are brilliant!

  4. Hi Jacqueline. Love reading your blog! Thinking of coming to Taiwan in March. Any ideas for a quick 3 days in country???


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