Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Typhoon Megi

We are on typhoon day #2 thanks to Typhoon Megi, which roared over Taiwan yesterday. We spent most of yesterday on our couch watching scary movies. 

Late last night, once the wind had died down a bit, all schools in Taiwan decided to remain closed today too. At first, we were surprised. However, we just got back from a walk around our neighborhood and campus, and the damage was quite extensive. 

The picture above is the building I teach in everyday. Now, a huge tree is leaning against it. Our school's recycling shed and guard station also have giant trees resting on top of them. 

The pool by our house was damaged.
A bus stop by the lake has a tree on top of it.
And my favorite lotus pond took a pretty severe beating.

We scooted around the city, and many shops were still shuttered, although, thankfully, most of the damage seemed to just be from fallen trees rather than structures. 

I anticipate that tomorrow we will have school again, even though I imagine much of the damage will still remain. And while it's been a nice weekend in the middle of the week, I am ready for life to go back to normal. 
On our walk we also saw how, weirdly enough, there are trees that look better than ever. I know it's all about its roots and stability, but it's still something to behold. 


  1. Hey Jacqueline! Nice blog. Hopefully your school doesn't have much damage. I recently just got back from the PNW for a quick vacation! Do you have Instagram or a Facebook page for your blog?

    1. Thanks! And no, I don't. I am not a super serious blogger and I don't own a smartphone, so I forgo most social media.


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