Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Skies

Today, we woke up and saw a clear blue sky and lots of sunshine. 

So we hopped on our scooter and putted off toward the coast. 

The temperature was just right: 75 degrees, warm but not hot or humid with lots of gusts of fresh ocean air. 

We got to Nanliao and climbed up the rickety wooden ladders to the top of the cement sea breakers.

The wind buffeted us forward and backward, but we sat down and enjoyed the feel of warm, fresh air colliding with our bodies.

I dangled my feet off the ledge.

The tide was savage and sand was blasting us from all directions.

Wind surfers were in heaven.

We drank our raspberry & pineapple smoothies.

We just sat, holding hands, soaking it all in.

The sites, the sounds, the scents.

The water.

We watched people fly kites.

We watched airplanes come and go.

We watched the waves beat the shore.

It felt nice to get away from Hsinchu for a bit.

But it was also nice to know we could still see it and didn't have far to go back home.

It made us feel like we could stay a while.

We could grocery shop, do the laundry, cook, and do school work a little later.

When we could no longer ignore our waiting to-do lists, we walked back to the scooter.

But then we started exploring the little town roads of Nanliao.

The flashing signs, little shops, and friendly people beckoned.

After one or two stops for tea, we headed home.

I wasn't too disappointed.

I was just happy to be out and about with my handsome hubby on a beautiful Sunday.

As we scooted back to the city, we passed secret gardens tucked away from the road.

... and homes under overpasses.

And explored a little bit more of this place we call home.

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