Thursday, November 23, 2017

a taiwanese thanksgiving

Last night, we celebrated our last Thanksgiving in Taiwan. It was truly bittersweet. While it was joyous because it was Ruby's first Thanksgiving, it was also tinged with sadness because it was our last friendsgiving in this awesome little community we have cultivated here over the last six years.

Our day-- meaning Ruby & I because daddy had to work-- started with Skyping both families back in America. This was my first Thanksgiving in Taiwan that I did not have to work, so I spent all morning and afternoon cooking mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, wild rice, and gravy as well as decorating and tidying.

Thankfully, our nanny Sheila came over for a few hours to watch Ruby in the late morning. Before she arrived, it took me an hour just to open the six cans of green beans, the two cans of cream of mushroom, and the one can of fried onions for the green bean casserole because Ruby was awake and full of mischief.

That evening, we had 11 people over for an early dinner from 4:30-7. One person was a complete stranger, but when someone is alone and new in a foreign country on a special holiday, you invite them over regardless, and when they leave later that night, they are no longer a stranger but a friend. People brought rotisserie chicken, bread rolls, pasta salad, stuffed mushrooms, salad, chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, ice cream, and wine. Sheila made us lumpias and macrons to share too! We blew the power to our living room and kitchen more than once microwaving and toaster ovening dishes upon dishes of food. We then laughed because we didn't own enough silverware to use as serving spoons!

Then, once all the food was hot and on the table, we all sat in a great big circle on the living room floor talking about family holiday traditions, Taiwan, teaching, and travel. We Skyped our dear friend who now lives in New York. Ruby babbled and ate pumpkin and loved being the center of attention. Bubu ate so much chicken!

It was such a fun night, and this is easily what I will miss the most about Taiwan.
And before you ask, yes, the Christmas tree is already up! Ruby & I worked on it this morning while listening to Christmas music and smelling cedar wood from our diffuser! It was magical!

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